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    Let the Sea set you FREE!

    That is our spirit here at George’s Watersports. Our fabulous Self-Drive Boat Hire and Yacht Charters are affordable and accessible for anyone to enjoy. Friends and family always enjoy their time in the Akamas Peninsula and the famous Blue Lagoon – check out this stunning drone footage of a George’s Watersports Charter Yacht or see this short video on How to Hire a Self-Drive Boat in Latchi. Come along to Latchi for an extra special, exciting and unique experience. Like no other feeling you have ever had. Want to find out more?

    George's Watersports Yacht Charters in Latchi, Cyprus |
    How to find Latchi home of George's Watersports Boat Hire and Yacht Charters
    we are in the
    heart of CYPRUS

    For more than 30 years (since 1989), George’s watersports have provided self-drive boat hire and luxury yacht charters in the picturesque harbour of Latchi. We are located on the stunning and unspoiled coastline of the beautiful Akamas Peninsula in the west of Cyprus. Swim in the crystal clear waters of the famous blue lagoon and explore the wonders of Akamas Peninsula, Cyprus’s only nature reserve.

    luxury YACHTS

    Visit numerous delightful bays along the Akamas Peninsula. Or, for a little more luxury, Charter a Yacht from our prestige line of gorgeous Motorboats.


    George’s watersports rent self-drive speedboats, an excellent opportunity for YOU and your family to discover a unique and exciting vacation experience.


    Look out for our monthly Special Offers, there are many discounts available especially last minute bookings and free upgrades to bigger boats.

    35 years of service

    2024 is our 35th anniversary and we have outrageous offers available for everyone!

    George’s watersports self-drive speedboats

    George’s watersports self-drive speedboats (motorboats) are an excellent opportunity for YOU and your family to discover a unique and exciting vacation experience. Visit numerous delightful bays along the Akamas Peninsula. Or, for a little more luxury, how about one of our fantastic charter yachts?

    Safety First. Always! Our staff are professional powerboat instructors responsible for your training before you depart safely on your boat trip. The George’s Watersports Safety boat continuously patrols the Akamas Coastline.

    Our speedboats are equipped with everything you need on your voyage. Life Jackets, Coastal Map, Parachute Flares, Medicine Box, Fire Extinguisher, Navigation Lights, VHF Radio, and Water Pump. We offer cool boxes to keep your beverages and food cold, masks and anything else you need.

    our customers love these boats

    Family Favourites Self-Drive Boat Hire in Latchi, Cyprus |
    family favourites

    Boats for everyone – from 60hp boats for couples to much larger 225hp 7.0m bigger capacity boats for families & groups. See our Standard or Luxury Line.

    €145.00 / 4-hours
    Luxurious Deluxe Self-Drive Boat Hire in Latchi, Cyprus |
    deluxe boat hire

    Our range of 225-250 hp elegant boats and RIBs with plenty of space for even large families and lots of power for watersports. See our Exclusive Line.

    €330.00/ 4-hours
    Superior Yacht Charter in Latchi, Cyprus |
    luxury charter yachts

    The Ultimate in luxurious comfort, our charter yachts are perfect for romantic getaways or large groups of friends. See our Prestige Line.

    €595.00/ 4-hours
    introducing our outstanding
    The Breakfast Experience Yacht Charters is perfect for romance, unforgettable outings with friends or unique family bonding experiences.

    Champagne Breakfast Charter Yacht Experience: Awaken your mornings with a lavish touch of luxury on our Champagne Breakfast Adventure. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary experience that combines opulence and indulgence. Savour the exquisite flavors of gorgeous champagne paired with a stunning breakfast artfully prepared by our talented staff. As the sun rises, casting its warm, golden glow over the horizon, you’ll embark on a day of unmatched elegance. Feel the gentle sea breeze caress your skin as you taste the pure luxury of life at sea.

    Click: Discover the Allure of Champagne Breakfast Experiences

    Snorkelling Experience Yacht Charters only available at George's Watersports Charters!

    Snorkelling Charter Yacht Experience: Plunge into a vibrant underwater realm teeming with life during our Snorkelling Charter Yacht Adventure. Whether you’re an experienced diver or a curious first-timer, our knowledgeable guides will accompany you into the crystal-clear waters, revealing the breathtaking marine biodiversity that lies beneath the waves. After your snorkelling expedition, relax on deck, basking in the sun’s warm embrace, and share captivating tales of your incredible underwater encounters.

    Click: Dive into Unforgettable Snorkelling Experiences

    Sunset Experience Yacht Charters only available at George's Watersports Charters!

    Sunset Charter Yacht Experience: Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing spectacle of colors as the sun gracefully sets below the horizon during our Sunset Charter Yacht voyage. The sea transforms into a mirror, reflecting the ever-changing palette of the sky. Indulge in handcrafted cocktails and exquisite hors d’oeuvres, served just as the day surrenders to a sky filled with twinkling stars. This tranquil and enchanting experience, accompanied by the gentle lullaby of the sea, sets the stage for an intimate evening like no other.

    Click: Experience the Magic of Sunset Charters

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    Starting from George’s visionary entrepreneurship 35 years ago in 1989, to the thriving business we are today!

    Este vídeo en español te enseñará excelentes consejos para que disfrutes navegando en Chipre.

    В това видео е обяснено как да наемете лодка от пристанището в Лачи, която да карате сами.


    GEORGE’S WATERSPORTS Latchi Harbour, E713, Poli Crysochous, Cyprus


    Phone: +357 99 159 588
    Phone: +357 99 513 192

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