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George’s Watersports is a premier boat hire company in the picturesque harbour of Latchi, Cyprus.

Established in 1989, George’s Watersports, a family-owned company, has provided top-quality boat hire services to locals and tourists for over 30 years. With a wide range of boats available for hire, including self-drive speedboats and luxury yachts, George’s Watersports has something for everyone.
Began in 1989 by the now famous George, our Boat Hire, Yacht Charters and RYA Training centre has developed over the years into a top-rated service dedicated to customer satisfaction and safety.
George's Watersports the Family Favourite Boat hire in Latchi
All boats are maintained to the highest standards, and the company’s experienced team is on hand to offer advice and assistance to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the water.
Whether you are looking to explore the beautiful coastline, go fishing, or relax on a luxury yacht, the team at George’s Watersports will help you find the perfect boat for your needs.

One of the standout features of George’s Watersports is its prime location in the heart of Latchi.


The harbour is known for its stunning coastline and proximity to the Akamas Peninsula, Cyprus’s only nature reserve. Latchi is equally a vibrant, perfect destination for those looking for a fun-filled holiday or a peaceful escape.

We hope you find George’s Watersports website user-friendly and provides all the information you need to plan your boating adventure. From boat specifications to pricing and availability, everything is clearly laid out, making it easy to book your boat hire online.

We also offer additional services, including skippered charters, WATERSPORTS equipment hire, and event planning services for those looking to host a party or special event on the water.

Overall, George’s Watersports has become a firm family-favourite boat hire choice in Latchi, offering a range of boats and services to suit all needs and budgets. With our prime location and commitment to safety and customer satisfaction, it is easy to see why the company has remained a popular choice for tourists and locals alike for over three decades.

Our Team

George is the founder of George's Watersports in Latchi |

George (founder) likes to be called “The Old Sea Dog”. Born into a family of fishermen, George grew up in Latchi and loves fishing along the Akamas Peninsula. He has always adored the sea. Having passed on his knowledge to the new generation, you will mostly now find George on his beach, where he rents sunbeds and umbrellas. Visit George there; he’ll have many old stories to tell you.

Alex is our Chief instructor and is George's eldest son.

Meet Alex (Alexis), our Chief Instructor and George’s eldest son—a true maritime maestro! Born and raised in Cyprus, Alex practically grew up on boats, and his deep connection to the sea is evident in everything he does. The boats aren’t just his workplace; they are his home. His passion and knowledge shine through in every aspect of our operations.

With a degree in business from London, Alex has the skills and expertise to propel our family business to new heights. Thanks to his wife Charline, he’s also fluent in French, effortlessly bridging cultures and enhancing our international appeal. As a dedicated father, Alex is already passing down his extensive maritime knowledge to his children, ensuring that George’s Watersports’ legacy will continue for generations to come.

Alex’s understanding of our boats, Latchi, and the stunning Akamas coastline is unmatched. His almost supernatural ability to predict the weather ensures that all our customers have safe and enjoyable adventures. With his dedication, profound knowledge, and genuine love for the sea, Alex is an invaluable asset to George’s Watersports.

When you seek adventure on the waters, you can trust Alex to be your guide. Come experience the passion and expertise that Alex brings to George’s Watersports—your unforgettable maritime adventure awaits!

Meet Charline, Alex's Wife and experienced sailor

Meet Charline, Alex’s Wife. Charline is an experienced sailor, sharpening her skills growing up on the Brittany coast of France. Charline is the principal of our RYA Training Centre and a powerboat instructor and skipper. She runs everything behind the scenes and has a great sense of humour. Charline will move mountains to ensure you have an outstanding boating adventure.

Yiannos Charter Skipper, RYA Powerboat Instructor and DJ

Yiannos Charter Skipper, RYA Powerboat Instructor and DJ – Hi there. I’m Yiannos, and I’m George’s youngest son. Like my Dad, I’m never away from the water for long – the sea is my lifeblood. People say I’m a popular skipper, which is pleasant to think about. I know the coastline better than many people and will take you to the secret lagoon. If you’re on board for a party with friends – I’m a pretty fabulous DJ too. 😎

Meet Stelian, although everyone calls him Steli!

Meet Stelian, although everyone calls him Steli! From Bulgaria, Steli has lived in Cyprus for over 15 years and has been working at George’s for more than 5-years. We call him “All in One” at George’s, as he can do it all. From fixing engines & boats, giving tuition to our self-drive boat customers and skippering our charter boats. Steli is a very chilled-out character; he likes nothing better than to go fishing at dawn when the world is still quiet. Always with a smile, he conveys an excellent mood throughout the entire team!

Sofia, George's Watersports in Latchi

Sofia, hailing from the vibrant lands of Hungary, is known by her enchanting full name, Fruzsina Sofia. Yet, in the spirit of camaraderie and ease, she’s and affectionately known as Sofia! For nine wonderful years, Cyprus has been her home, a place where her expertise in tourism and customer relations has flourished. Her life is joyously intertwined with her Cypriot husband, a culinary wizard of a chef, and their two delightful daughters, who lighten up their world. Sofia’s personality sparkles wherever she goes, and she’s the epitome of sociability: perpetually cheerful, always eager to lend a hand, and radiates positivity. But that’s not all; she’s also an artist at heart. Her hands craft magic, turning everyday materials into stunning arts and crafts. Indeed, Sofia’s talents are as boundless as her spirit!

Antonin, George's Watersports in Latchi

Meet Antonin, the star of George’s Watersports! Originally hailing from Laval near Le Mans in the beautiful Pays de la Loire region of France, he’s now one of our most skilled and beloved Skippers and Powerboat instructors. Antonin is a core part of our team here at George’s, bringing endless energy and an athletic flair to everything he does. You’ll often spot him bustling around the harbour or taking the lead in our RYA training sessions, where he loves to pass on his vast knowledge of powerboating.

But it’s not just his skills that make him stand out. Antonin is a genuinely warm and amiable fellow, always eager to go the extra mile to make sure our customers have an unforgettable experience. Decked out in stylish sunglasses and sporting a radiant smile, he’s perfectly equipped to make your day on the water spectacular. Come meet Antonin and let him guide you to an extraordinary adventure at George’s Watersports!

Arthur, George's Watersports in Latchi

Meet Arthur, the undisputed King of the Waves at George’s Watersports! From the charming harbour of Sète, near Marseille, all the way to our seaside Camelot here in Latchi, Arthur commands the waters with the grace of royalty.

Arthur’s journey into maritime mastery began aboard a Jeanneau Sun Loft 47 sailing boat during a remarkable 15-day voyage. It was during a spellbinding voyage that Arthur’s spirit was ignited, steering his life’s journey towards the horizons of expert navigation. With his passion firmly tethered to the exhilarating pulse of the open sea, Arthur has reclaimed his summer throne at George’s, ready to lead intrepid explorers through the crystalline realms and now as a Skipper on our Charter Boats too!

Boasting a BAC in Marine Culture and a BTS in Navigation, Stability, and Meteorology, Arthur not only pilots our charter fleet but also imparts his wisdom as an RYA powerboat instructor. His profound expertise ensures that every excursion is not just secure but brimming with moments that enrich your sea-faring spirit. Are you prepared to set sail on an epic quest with Arthur? Climb aboard at George’s Watersports, where each voyage promises the thrill of pulling Excalibur from the stone, crafting your very own legendary tale upon the waves. Let the adventure begin!

Lucy, George's Watersports in Latchi

Hi my name is Lucie I come from Strasbourg in France and I’m here in Cyprus for the very first time. It is with a huge excitement that I have joined the George’s Watersports’ team as a true sea lover. With a professional background in the hotel business and a bubbly personality my priority is to provide the best welcome and boat experience to all of our customers, and always with a smile ☺️

Mauricio, George's Watersports in Latchi

Hello! I’m Mauricio from Lisbon, in Portugal. I’ve been around the sea since I was a kid and have developed a deep passion for it. With extensive experience in the hospitality industry, I hold qualifications in wine and sushi preparation. I love interacting with different people and am always ready to lend a helping hand when needed. I discovered my passion for boats here at George’s Watersports, surrounded by an incredible team and the beautiful coastline.

Ambra, George's Watersports in Latchi

Introducing Ambra, the latest star to grace our marketing team at George’s Watersports, all the way from the sun-kissed shores of Italy! With a keen mind honed by her studies in philosophy and a heart captivated by the mysteries of the sea, Ambra dives into the marketing waves at George’s with a dazzling mix of creativity and analytical prowess.

Though she’s a newcomer to the enchanting island of Cyprus, Ambra is already a seasoned navigator in the vast ocean of marketing. Her rich experience spans market research, content creation, and mastering the currents of social media. These skills equip her with a treasure trove of insights and innovative ideas to steer our brand to new horizons.

With a background that blends philosophical inquiry with dynamic marketing acumen, Ambra brings a fresh and vibrant perspective to our crew. Let’s give a warm welcome to Ambra as she sets sail on this thrilling new voyage with us at George’s Watersports. Here’s to new adventures and successes together! Welcome aboard, Ambra!

Pedro, George's Watersports in Latchi

Meet Pedrito. Not only does he sport a permanent grin that’s as bright as the Cyprus sun, but he’s also our in-house champ when it comes to making every outing on the water an absolute blast.

Why Pedrito, you wonder? In Portugal, adding “ito” or “ita” to a name is a friendly tweak to show affection or familiarity. So, while he might be Pedro on his passport, around here, he’s Pedrito, our beloved and most loyal fan of Sporting Lisboa and the heart and soul of our team at George’s Watersports. When he’s not steering you towards your next saltwater adventure, Pedrito is our resident superhero. He works on not just his biceps but our whole operation—whether that’s fixing the rebellious fridge or keeping the crew in line, just like a big brother should be.

Ready to embark on a unique journey with Pedrito? His infectious enthusiasm and stellar work ethic at George’s Watersports will transform your boat trip into an unforgettable adventure. Come join us and experience the thrill of every boat hire with a big, sunny smile! Let the Sea Set You Free, only @ George’s Watersports.

Joshua, George's Watersports in Latchi

Meet Joshua, the newest member of George’s Watersports team! Originally from Germany but now proudly hailing from Texas, Joshua is a scuba diving expert with advanced certifications and has a powerboat license.

After spending many years in the USA, he brings a treasure chest of experience and enthusiasm to our watersports adventures. A gym enthusiast and athlete, Joshua is eager to swap his cowboy boots for flippers and explore the stunning seas of Cyprus for the first time. Get ready for some fun in the sun as Joshua shares his passion for the ocean with you!

Yeehaw! Y’all!

Romane, George's Watersports in Latchi

Bonjour, my name is Romane. I hail from the captivating town of Rodez in the lively south of France. I’m currently in my second year at EGC Business School, and I am absolutely thrilled to be embarking on this international internship in Cyprus. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to immerse myself in a new culture and gain priceless professional experience.

Over the past one and a half years, I’ve honed my customer service skills working at a bustling bus agency – but it is rugby that runs through my veins, just like any true French Southerner! After my studies, my dream is to carve out a career in the exhilarating world of rugby. 🏉

I can’t wait to welcome you to Latchi, and I’m ready for our match. I’ll greet you with my French charm, a warm smile, and infectious enthusiasm.

À bientôt! 😊

Gaëtan, George's Watersports in Latchi

Salut, Je m’appelle Gaëtan pronounced [ɡa.e.ton]

I am the latest member of George’s WaterSports Team🚤 I come from a beautiful part of France, between Nancy and Metz in the Northwest. I am an engineering student at ENSAIA in Nancy. When I’m not hitting the books, you can find me climbing indoors and outdoors three times a week at Maron village, in one of the most delightful regions of France. My passion for adventure and the great outdoors makes the Akamas Peninsula the perfect place for me to combine my love for climbing and scuba diving.

I’ll be working in our office, bringing my enthusiasm and energy to our team. Just don’t ask me to choose between the mountains and the sea—I love them all too much! 🧗‍♂️

Kerstin, George's Watersports in Latchi

Welcome aboard, Kerstin! ✨

Kerstin is originally from Germany and is bilingual in German and English. Her journey as an au pair in the USA ignited her love for children and fueled her wanderlust. Now, she’s excited to experience all the wonders Cyprus has to offer. From a young age, Kerstin has been at the helm of her father’s boats, nurturing a lifelong bond with the water. She is highly qualified in boating to ensure a secure and enjoyable time for all our guests. When she’s not on the water, you can find Kerstin playing handball or engaging in various active pursuits.

At George’s Watersports, we’re absolutely thrilled to welcome Kerstin to our team. Her passion, expertise, and adventurous spirit are not just a great addition to our crew but also a promise of an enhanced experience for all of us with her on board!

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boats for everyone

Our Self-Drive Boats vary from 60hp right up to 250hp – and each has appealing features such as space, cost, and specification.


Each boat is equipped with a VHF radio for rapid assistance from our nearby safety boats that constantly patrol the coastline.

ice boxes

We provide ice-boxes (coolers) free-of-charge. Please, ask us if you’d like us to stock them with you favourite goodies.

secure booking

It is sensible to book your boat hire or charter in advance, especially in summer; you can pay a deposit in person or securely online.

Free WiFi access

Before or after your trip, enjoy FREE Wifi throughout our shop and at our kiosk by the water’s edge.


If you do not wish to take valuables with you on your boat hire or yacht charter, we can hold them securely in our office.

george’s watersports
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Gill Parkins

Another wonderful day out on Full Monty today. As always, the George’s Watersports team was fantastic, welcoming and friendly. This is our family’s favourite day out. Just wonderful again this year. Thank you to you all; we will be back to see you all again next year for our sea and boat fix ❤️😍

Veronique Ruggirello

Best experience! A really professional company that does not joke with security. This is the most important thing when you rent a boat. The team is nice, smiling and always ready to help.

Nicola Davies

Good range of boats to choose from. Competitive rates. Excellent staff more bothered in meeting customers needs than posing around on the harbour 😂😉👍. Wouldn’t hire from anyone else and we’ve been back to Alex every year. Highly recommended.

Noel Butigieg

Highly recommended, great boats and great staff, we hired for 4 hours, and they are super organized we will be back many thanks .

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