How to Anchor Perfectly!

How to Anchor Perfectly!

Anchoring is the thing that makes most captains a little nervous, though when done correctly, there is nothing to worry about.

In the meantime, here is a quick guide.

  •  Look for space in a bay with enough room between you and other anchored boats.
  • Take note of the direction any other boats are facing. They are pointing to the wind, and you should manoeuvre your boat to face the same way.
  • If there are no other boats, feel the wind on your face and point your boat in that direction. *Avoid anchoring near the floating buoys (they are for the 'trip boats.' that arrive around 11 am)
  • Remember that the wind can change direction during the day, so ensure you have space around the boat.
  • Get your anchor, chain, and rope ready and ensure it is not tangled.
  • Put your boat in neutral.
  • If you have an anchor roller, place the anchor on it and let go allowing the chain plus rope to drop quickly to the seabed.
  • Ensure all the anchor chain and a good amount of rope is deployed.
  • Allow the boat to move backwards with the wind until you see that your rope is at a good angle from the boat. If the rope is hanging straight down and there is wind - you have not deployed enough rope, and the chain is not entirely on the floor - put out more rope.
  • If you are in shallow water, lift the outboard engine slightly to avoid damaging the prop; remember to lower it once in deeper water.
  • When it is time to leave, please turn on your engine first and leave it in neutral whilst someone else pulls in on the rope and lifts the anchor. Once the anchor is stowed, leave the bay at low speed, keeping an eye out for swimmers.

If you have any doubts at all, call the Safety Boat on VHF Channel 10

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How to Anchor Perfectly!
How to Anchor Perfectly!
How to Anchor Perfectly!
How to Anchor Perfectly!