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Celebrating 35 Years of Adventure on the Waters – The George’s Watersports Legacy

As the sun sets over the tranquil harbour of Latchi, Cyprus, it casts a golden glow over a fleet of boats that have become vessels of adventure, family memories, and the embodiment of a passion for the sea that has spanned over three decades. This year, George’s Watersports marks a monumental milestone, celebrating 35 years of offering unparalleled boat hire, yacht charters, and training services. From its humble beginnings in 1989 to becoming the premier destination for nautical enthusiasts, our journey has been as exhilarating as the waves we ride.

A Voyage Through Time

George's Birthday | George's Watersports celebrating 34 years
Alex on the dock, aged 13 years

Founded by a family with a deep-seated love for the sea, George’s Watersports started with a simple vision: to share the beauty of Latchi and the Akamas coastline with the world, offering both locals and tourists the freedom to explore these azure waters at their own pace. With a small fleet of self-drive speedboats, we embarked on our mission, believing in the allure of the sea and the adventures it holds.

Over the years, our fleet has grown, but our core values have remained the same.

Today, we pride ourselves on a diverse range of boats, including luxury yachts and self-drive speedboats, catering to every kind of sea adventurer. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful escape gliding over gentle waves or the thrill of mastering the helm under the Cypriot sun, George’s Watersports has been there to make those dreams a reality.

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The People Behind the Helm

The success of George’s Watersports is not just a tale of boats and the sea; it’s a story woven with the lives of those who have steered its course. At the heart of our story is George himself, whose vision and unwavering dedication to service excellence have been the guiding light for the company. Alongside George, a dedicated team of family members and seasoned professionals have poured their expertise and passion into every aspect of the business, ensuring that every guest experiences the magic of Latchi’s waters.

George (founder) likes to be called “The Old Sea Dog”. Born into a family of fishermen, George grew up in Latchi and loves fishing along the Akamas Peninsula. He has always adored the sea. Having passed on his knowledge to the new generation, you will mostly now find George on his beach, where he rents sunbeds and umbrellas. Visit George there; he’ll have many old stories to tell you.

Alex is our Chief instructor and is George’s eldest son. Since he was young, Alex has been surrounded by boats helping his Dad run the family business Georges’ Watersports. He is the guy in charge and knows everything you need to know about our boats, Latchi and the Akamas coastline. Alex also has a sixth sense when it comes to forecasting the weather.

Meet Charline, Alex’s Wife. Charline is an experienced sailor, sharpening her skills growing up on the Brittany coast of France. Charline is the principal of our RYA Training Centre and a powerboat instructor and skipper. She runs everything behind the scenes and has a great sense of humour. Charline will move mountains to ensure you have an outstanding boating adventure.

Yiannos Charter Skipper, RYA Powerboat Instructor and DJ – Hi there. I’m Yiannos, and I’m George’s youngest son. Like my Dad, I’m never away from the water for long – the sea is my lifeblood. People say I’m a popular skipper, which is pleasant to think about. I know the coastline better than many people and will take you to the secret lagoon. If you’re on board for a party with friends – I’m a pretty fabulous DJ too. 😎

Our instructors and skippers, with their vast knowledge of the sea and commitment to safety, have introduced countless individuals to the joys of boating, fostering a new generation of maritime enthusiasts.

Their expertise and friendly guidance have been pivotal in making George’s Watersports a beacon for both newbie sailors and seasoned seafarers alike.

Meet Stelian, although everyone calls him Steli! From Bulgaria, Steli has lived in Cyprus for over 15 years and has been working at George’s for more than 5-years. We call him “All in One” at George’s, as he can do it all. From fixing engines & boats, giving tuition to our self-drive boat customers and skippering our charter boats. Steli is a very chilled-out character; he likes nothing better than to go fishing at dawn when the world is still quiet. Always with a smile, he conveys an excellent mood throughout the entire team!

Sofia, hailing from the vibrant lands of Hungary, is known by her enchanting full name, Fruszina Sofia. Yet, in the spirit of camaraderie and ease, she’s and affectionately known as Sofia! For nine wonderful years, Cyprus has been her home, a place where her expertise in tourism and customer relations has flourished. Her life is joyously intertwined with her Cypriot husband, a culinary wizard of a chef, and their two delightful daughters, who lighten up their world. Sofia’s personality sparkles wherever she goes, and she’s the epitome of sociability: perpetually cheerful, always eager to lend a hand, and radiates positivity. But that’s not all; she’s also an artist at heart. Her hands craft magic, turning everyday materials into stunning arts and crafts. Indeed, Sofia’s talents are as boundless as her spirit!

Remember Antonin from last year? Well, he now holds his diploma and has returned to George’s as a permanent team member in 2023 – a big welcome back from us all!

From Laval in the Pays de la Loire of France (think Le Mans) – Antonin is a true professional eager to learn. Super motivated and athletic, you will find him in the office and the harbour. He can do it all, from reservations to boat driving. Antonin is such a friendly guy and patient. He is the only one who volunteers to work at the office with all the girls (hmmm…) – he deserves a 👍 👍

Meet Arthur, a familiar face from last year. Excitement fills his heart as he embarks on his journey to pursue his dream as a maritime professional. Fresh back from a voyage of discovery aboard a beautiful Jeanneau Sun Loft 47 sailing boat, he experienced a remarkable 15-day voyage, where he found his true calling in navigation. From route planning to steering (helming), the boat captivated him and fueled his enthusiastic nature.

Equipped with a BAC (Baccalauréat) in Marine Culture and a BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) in Navigation, Stability, and Meteorology, Arthur stands prepared to heighten his skills. Determined to take the next step in his career, he is back at George’s Watersports in Latchi for the summer. One cannot help but sense his deep love and dedication to his profession.

More Than Just a Boat Hire Company

What sets George’s Watersports apart is more than just our extensive fleet or our prime location in the picturesque harbour of Latchi. It’s the experiences we create and the memories we help forge. From family outings where laughter fills the air as you discover secluded beaches to romantic sunset sails that promise a backdrop of breathtaking vistas, each journey is a story waiting to be told. For those looking to master the waves, our training services offer a gateway to a lifetime of adventures on the sea. Our commitment to excellence and safety ensures that every learner gains the confidence and skills to navigate the waters with ease.

Celebrating 35 Years of Adventure on the Waters @ Georges Watersports

A Journey Forward

As we celebrate 35 years of adventures, we look forward to the horizon with excitement for the new memories yet to be made. Our commitment to providing top-quality services remains unwavering, as does our passion for the sea and sharing its wonders with you. We invite you to be a part of our continuing voyage. Whether you’re planning your first adventure with us or returning to relive the thrill, the team at George’s Watersports is ready to welcome you aboard. Discover more about our services and how you can embark on your next nautical adventure by visiting our website at

Here’s to the next 35 years of adventure, exploration, and creating unforgettable memories in the beautiful waters of the Akamas in Cyprus. Sail away with us, and let’s make history together.

Celebrate with Us: Exclusive Offers for Our 35 Years!

2024 is a landmark celebration of 35 years of nautical adventures with George’s Watersports, and we’re making waves with some incredible offers to mark this special occasion. As we commemorate this milestone, we’re rolling out a sea of extra unique promotions, ensuring that your experiences with us are not only memorable but genuinely unbeatable.

35 years Anniversary deals

This year, to thank our loyal adventurers and welcome new faces aboard, we’re launching exclusive offers that are as exciting as the adventures waiting for you in the crystal-clear waters of Latchi. From discounted luxury yacht charters that promise elegance and adventure in equal measure to special rates on our self-drive speedboats for those who crave the thrill of navigating the seas, there’s something special for everyone.

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But that’s not all—expect unique packages that combine the thrill of boating with the serenity of Cyprus’s stunning landscapes, offering experiences you can’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s a family day out on the water or a romantic escape under the setting sun, our 35th-anniversary deals are designed to make every moment extraordinary.

Keep an Eye Out: The Best is Yet to Come

We believe that every adventure should be shared, and what better way to spread the joy than through our vibrant social media community? Make sure to follow us on [social media platforms], as we’ll be announcing our exclusive deals, exciting giveaways, and special events throughout the year. Our social media channels are:

  • Your go-to source for the latest news.
  • Breathtaking snapshots of our adventures.
  • A peek into the wonders that await you at George’s Watersports.

You can find all our links at the bottom of each page of the website!

Don’t Miss Out: Let’s Make 35 Memories Together

As we sail through our 35th year, we’re reminded that it’s you, our valued guests, who make every voyage unforgettable. We’re thrilled to celebrate this milestone with you and can’t wait to unveil all the surprises we have in store. Keep an eye on our social media platforms for announcements, and be ready to embark on your next adventure with unbeatable offers that are as extraordinary as the sea itself.

Remember, these special promotions are our way of saying thank you for 35 years of adventure and friendship. Let’s make 2024 a year to remember, filled with joy, exploration, and the beauty of the sea.

Set sail on your next adventure with George’s Watersports—where every journey is a celebration. Celebrate our 35th year with exclusive offers and make your maritime dreams a reality. Here’s to making more waves together!

Catch the Wave of Celebration and Let the Sea Set You Free @Georgesboathire


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