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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | George's Watersports & Boat Hire

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about CHARTER YACHTS AND boat hire.


We Have Two Prestige Motorsport Speedboats, KARNIC SL800 with 500hp, available for rent with a skipper (mandatory). Our KARNIC SL800 boat is licensed to carry up to 12 persons, including the captain. (Children under 12 months old are not counted in the quota as long as each infant can be seated on an adult’s lap)

What is included when hiring a charter boat?
Price includes fuel, skipper, mask and snorkel, refreshments (non-alcoholic drinks only)

Can I rent a charter boat with a Powerboat License, Skipper, or Commercial License?
No, you need a special skipper certificate from Cyprus. Only registered skippered employees at George’s Watersports are allowed to skipper our Charter boats.


Can I hire a boat without a boat License?
In Cyprus, you are covered by Law to rent and drive a speedboat without a boat license if you are over 18 years old and hold a full-vehicle driving license once you have concluded our mandatory Safety and Driving Instructions (about 30 min before departure).

What kind of self-drive boats do you have?
We have a fleet of 16 boats in 3 different Lines (levels). The Standard line is composed of 60hp boats. The Luxury Line boats are from 100hp to 225hp, including a 115hp RIB & 130hp RIB. The Exclusive line is the top of the line and includes an 8-metre 250hp cabin cruise, a 250hp KARNIC SL 701 and an 8.1m 250hp RIB for up to 12 people. We can accommodate from 6 to 12 people maximum in any boat within our fleet.

What is your location?
We are located in Latchi Harbour in Polis Chrysochous Bay, about 30km north of Paphos. All our departures and arrivals are from and to Latchi Harbour.

Where can we go on a self-drive boat hire?
You can cruise along the 13km long North Coast of the Akamas Peninsula, from Latchi Harbour to Cape Arnautis. You must stay within 700m of the coastline. Along the coast, you can visit and anchor in multiple bays, such as Manolis, Sea Caves, Bladji (Amphitheatre bay), Blue Lagoon (Chamili) and Fontana Amoroza.

How long does it take to get to the Blue Lagoon?
It takes approximately 30 minutes from the harbour to the Blue Lagoon.

Are children allowed on the boats?
Yes, there is no age limit for passengers on the boat. We have life jackets for small children (weight 10kg). We do have customers taking small children and infants on board. However, please note that it remains your responsibility to decide if taking your child on a boat is suitable.

Can I go boating if I am pregnant?
It’s your responsibility to check whether your health enables you to go out on a boat. If you are unsure, we advise you to ask your physician beforehand.

For how long may I rent a boat?
Please note that we rent boats for 2 hours, 4 hours or the Full Day. However, we do not take early or online bookings for 2 hours. (Only for bookings of 4 hours or Full Day). If you wish to rent for 2 hours, give us a call at +357 99 513 192 or come to the office, and we can tell you what’s available.

How long is a full-day boat hire?
A Full Day hire starts anytime from 08h30 and finishes at 17h00 or 18h00, or 19h00, depending on the season. For the earliest departure, you can come at 08h00 and be out on the water by 08h30 after completing our Safety training and driving instructions. The briefing takes approximately 30 minutes and includes a comprehensive map of the area.

What are the times for 4-hour boat rentals?
Departures on 4 hours basis are from 08h30, 09h00, 09h30 or 10h00 in the morning or from 13h30, 14h00, 14h30 or 15h00, latest in the afternoon, depending on the season. Again you must be with us 30min before these departure times to complete our mandatory safety and driving instructions.

Can we extend our time on the boat hire?
If you hire for 4 hours in the morning and decide to stay longer, you must call us to check if the boat is available in the afternoon. If you stay longer than 4 hours, you will be charged for the Full Day. We would happily offer you a special deal if you decide to rent the boat for several days. However, you must bring the boat back to the harbour each night by 19h00. You can retake it from 08h00 in the morning, but you cannot keep the boat overnight.

Do you provide fishing equipment?
Unfortunately, we do not supply fishing equipment.

Are your boats equipped with a sun canopy?
Yes, all our boats have a sun canopy.

Are your boats equipped with anchors?
Yes, all our boats have an anchor.

Can we drive one of your boats by night?
You cannot drive our boats at night, and you must return at 7 pm during the summer or at least 1 hour before sunset.

How do we contact you in case of a problem?
You can call whenever you want on VHF Radio, channel 10. We monitor this channel, as does our safety boat constantly patrolling along the coastline.

Can we rent a boat without having any experience?
The safety of our customers has always been and will always be our priority. That’s why we have been so successful for the past 33 years. We have many customers who never stepped foot on a boat and feel confident to drive and spend an incredible journey following the briefing. We will make you feel safe and answer all of your questions.

Is it safe to drive a boat along this coast?
We will not let you go out alone, and we explain all the places to go on a map before you set out, including the safest watersports and the best sightseeing places. A map is aboard each vessel with photos showing where to go and what to see. We will explain everything during the safety briefing. We also drive you out of the harbour and show you the right direction and places to visit. The coast is only 13km long and very easy to follow. Furthermore, we have safety boats that patrol the coastline checking all of our boats and customers, so we always watch you guys 🙂

Can I do watersports with any boats?
If you hold a boat license, you can practice watersports. We offer watersports equipment at an extra cost, including kneeboard/water skis/ wakeboards and inflatable rings. It would help to have a powerful boat, a minimum of 100hp, to participate in watersports. You also need to have a minimum of three people aboard (1 driver, 1 Lookout, plus the person practising watersports)

Can we have a discount on our boat rental?
Check our social media for special offers. We usually have lower prices during the off-season (excluding July-August)

Do you have rent-out snorkelling equipment?
We offer snorkelling equipment and cool box free of charge according to availability.

What happens if the weather is not suitable for taking out a boat?
Booking will depend on weather conditions. Suppose the weather is not suitable for taking a boat out. In that case, we will let you know before your rental day. Depending on availability, you may reschedule at your convenience at no extra charge.

How much does fuel cost?
The petrol consumption always depends on the driver (speed, watersports activities, etc.). Therefore, it is impossible to predict an exact price for petrol consumption. Roughly, from the harbour to the blue lagoon and back, at a medium speed, it will cost approximately 25€ to 45€ of petrol, depending on the boat and engine size. We charge petrol at the current market price.

Are we insured?
All boats are licensed and equipped with safety equipment; insurance is included in the price. Please note that the insurance covers the boat and boat equipment for damages and/or loss. The following insurance excess applies; 300€ for the Standard Line, 650€ for the Luxury Line, 850€ for the Exclusive Line (Cabin Cruiser 8.0m & Karnic SL701 250hp) and 1000€ excess for the Exclusive Line 250hp 8.1m RIB.

When do I pay, and how can I pay?
Rental fees are due on the boat’s return on the day of rental, along with petrol consumption costs. We accept cash or credit card, whatever is more convenient for you.

How long does it take from the harbour to the Blue Lagoon?
It takes about 30 minutes to go from the harbour to the Blue Lagoon.

Can we beach the boat?
You cannot beach the boat. Please, anchor in the middle of the lagoon, keeping 50m from the shore. It is then only a short swim to the beach.

Can we drive inside the harbour?
No, you cannot enter or exit the harbour by yourself. We drive you out of the harbour, escorting you back in when you return.

Do we have to wear life jackets?
Yes, you must wear a life jacket on the boat until it’s safe not to do so. They are provided free of charge. We have sizes from 10kg up to XXXL.

What’s the maximum capacity of your biggest boat hire?
Alexander the Great has a capacity of 12 people maximum.

Welcome to Cyprus. Welcome to George’s.


For more information, email or call +359 99 159 588

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