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The Akamas Nature Reserve and The Blue Lagoon

The Akamas Nature Reserve and The Blue Lagoon

The Akamas Nature Reserve on the far western tip of Cyprus is easily accessible with a boat from George’s Watersports in latchi

The last point of the Akamas peninsula, the cape, is the final point to which customers can visit. It’s worth it to drive the boat to the cape because the view of the bay is fantastic; when you turn the boat back you can see all of the Akamas Peninsula. And if you are looking to have a lonely place, on the Akamas cape, there is a small sandy beach which not a lot of people go to, the sunset from that beach is the best.

Due to the mountainous nature of the Akamas Peninsula, no roads are running through its heartland. Furthermore, some roads marked on Cypriot road maps of the area are not tarmacked. The entire area is, therefore, relatively inaccessible, there is a large diversity of flora and fauna there. Visitor attractions in Akamas include a loggerhead turtle sanctuary and the Baths of Aphrodite, where the goddess is said to have bathed, near Latchi & Polis.

The Blue Lagoon is the most popular place in Akamas, and thousands of people have visited it by boat.

Blue lagoon, also called Chamili bay, is the biggest bay of Akamas, and the difference with this bay is that the waters are so clear, and the colour within the bay is sky blue. The Blue Lagoon is a popular anchorage, and many customers enjoy a stop here when renting a boat from Georges Watersports. So, enjoy a nice and relaxing day in the crystal clear waters and under the lovely sunshine.

This bay is sandy and not so deep and is one of the nicest places for swimming. In the middle of the bay is a reef where you will enjoy snorkelling.

The Blue Lagoon is a sheltered bay where the water tends to be warmer – in summer, it’s up to 30 degrees! The sandy bottom gives the sea that magical turquoise colour. There’s a fair number of fish. There are lots of shells and other aquatic life on the sea bed. Explore the rocks around the edges and the island. The Blue Lagoon gets very popular in the summer, especially with boatloads of tourists from Latchi. Watch out for beginners trying to drive boats. Go early or late to avoid the crowd.

Fontana Amoroza, Latchi and the Akamas Peninsula | Georges Watersports
Fontana Amoroza is just next to the blue lagoon; the meaning of Fontana amoroza is “the spring of love”. Fontana amoroza is not a sandy bay like the Blue Lagoon, but the snorkelling in this bay is unbelievable.

Fontana Amoroza is said to bubble with the goddess Aphrodite’s fabled love potion. Legend has it that Aphrodite brought her many lovers here, away from the prying eyes of mortals and for the privacy, the bay had to offer. Another legend says that those who consume water from the well will fall in love again.

Coming to more recent times, however, the bay is a popular snorkelling paradise with both locals and foreigners alike. Terracotta pots and pottery fragments litter the seabed in the area, and more fish than in most locations of the Akamas coastline can be spotted here. It is often on the routes for boat tours from nearby Latchi Harbour.

Manolis Bay, Latchi and the Akamas Peninsula | Georges Watersports
The sea caves, known as “MANOLIS bay”, are just 100 meters before the blue lagoon.

Manolis was a fisherman fishing dynamite just outside that bay many years before; after an accident that occurred and caused his death, that bay was named Manolis by the locals in memory of the fisherman.

This bay is really magnificent the waters are crystal clear and have a blue-green colour, it is important to mention that the bay is surrounded by natural sea caves, and especially the one in the centre of the bay which has also a small sandy beach inside.

Baths of Aphrodite, Latchi and the Akamas Peninsula | Georges Watersports
Baths of Aphrodite bay is located at 4km from Latchi harbour and 1km before st Georges Island.

The myth says that Aphrodite has been bathed for the first time in this bay. Two small islands surround this bay. Baths of Aphrodite bay is a favourite place for some snorkelling in Cyprus. The water is clear and gently slopes down, getting deeper in the middle of the bay. You can either gently drift along, taking in the abundance of fish around the rocks, or freedive down in the deeper parts.

Saint George's Island, Latchi and the Akamas Peninsula | Georges Watersports
Saint Georges island is a perfect place for snorkelling, the waters are crystal clear, and there are a lot of types of fishes that you can see.

The island is the place where sea eagles and wild pigeons lay their eggs, any time for the season you can see them when you go there just through them some bread and see how close by boat they come. At saint Georges Island very often, dolphins also come and jump next to the boats.

Kakoskalia, Latchi and the Akamas Peninsula | Georges Watersports
Kakoskalia is located exactly opposite saint Georges’s island; it’s a big mountain that just falls into the sea.

The trees are just hanging down from the cliff; it’s beautiful. You can drive the boat just under the mountain, switch off the engine and feel the fresh air coming from the mountain and the nice breeze coming from the sea; it’s a very nice experience.

Blaji Bay, Latchi and the Akamas Peninsula | Georges Watersports
Blaji bay is the first natural bay you will see on your way to the Akamas peninsula and is just 1km after saint Georges Island.

Blaji bay is one of the most spectacular bays in AKAMAS. While entering the bay on the right-hand side you can see the amphitheatre that goes hundreds of years back in age, in the years of the Akamantis kingdom. Inside this bay, there is also a small sandy beach which you can swim from the boat towards it and spend a nice day sunbathing.


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